After 50 years without conflict, the kingdom of Primordia has entered into a new age by securing treaties with their three great neighbors—an age known as the Pax Primordium. With Primordia as the center of trade in their region, these treaties guarantee open borders for non-military personnel, creating an unprecedented flowering of knowledge, diplomacy, exploration, immigration and commerce.

Varian, the Holy Queen of Primordia, exemplifies the Pax Primordium more than any other: A beauteous scholar, expert magician, masterful diplomat, and rumored a promiscuous demon in the bedroom. In celebration of the Pax Primordium, she has commissioned a series of bleeding-edge airships, to be stewarded by the greatest minds in the empire. Their mission: To explore Feyrealm, Nidjarlande, and the Maghreb in search of knowledge, artifacts, cultural inquiry, magical study, and diplomatic friendships.

Benric Bottlebreaker is one such man: a masterful wizard and artificer, certified by the Royal College of Primordia, a principle designer of newly harnessed airship technology, and a skilled field explorer to boot. In recognition of his achievements, he is part of a newly commisioned Primordium Fellowship—an award and status which gives him carte blanche in his scholastic endeavors. He is joined by Darling Dax, a grizzled ex-pirate with few peers when it comes to navigation and foreign cultures, and a highly controversial ship captain.

The Pax Primordium is here. Professor Bottlebreaker and Captain Dax need a skilled crew to join them on the good ship Goldrooster—heroes whose eclectic and potent skill sets are primed to set the world on fire. Are you amongst them?

Pax Primordium